Artificial Intelligence is the New Frontier for Tech Investors in 2019 and Beyond

Artificial intelligence used to be (still is) portrayed as a terrible future of humanity where robots rule over us in a horrific doomsday scenario. Fears of computers and robots becoming too intelligent to screw us over are the topic of many discussions when it comes to the field of AI.

Luckily, the reality is far from it. In fact, we’re living in a world where AI is already part of our everyday lives. The field has taken many great strides into what it is right now, and will continue to do so, as AI is a hot area right now that will only grow in the coming years.

Here’s a small taste of what we can expect from this explosive field in 2019 and beyond.

Smart E-Commerce Experiences

Businesses were the first to exploit the power of AI to improve upon their customer’s experiences; in fact, they’ve been doing it for years.

A good example is the chatbot. If you’ve done any online retail shopping lately, you might have seen these. These virtual software “bots” pose as real human agents and can answer users’ inquiries and assist them with their shopping.

In the future, expect these virtual bots to level up even further to become fully-fledged intelligent agents, each with their own profile and personality that takes on a more natural, human feel. Examples include Autodesk’s Ava, a female virtual agent with a natural female voice to boot.

These virtual agents can also take on more complex tasks for the benefit of customers. One such area is in giving shopping recommendations, a feature made famous by Amazon.

In the coming years, expect more powerful updates to this stand-by feature. We can expect more intelligent suggestions based on human factors such as sentiment and mood as well as browsing history, in an effort to provide a highly personalized experience.

Smart Cybersecurity

Online security is an ever-constant threat, especially with today’s cloud connected world. Fortunately, smart solutions are being developed to help combat this issue.
The cyberdefense of the future will entail a lot of AI. Software companies are increasingly using machine learning and smart software to quickly detect for signs of hacks and thwart them, in real time, before they do any damage. No need for patches or updates to virus definitions – AI learns quickly and is always a step ahead of attacks and vulnerabilities.

Natural Language Search

With the emergence of voice powered assistants such as Siri and Alexa, expect these to become more intelligent in the coming years. One such trend is in the use of natural language when doing a search query. Users would be able to ask them to use natural language, something like “Is there an Italian restaurant in this area that serves pomodoro for under $10?”

And it doesn’t stop there. AI agents would then be able to reply with intelligent follow up questions, like “Do you prefer one that takes both credit card and cash?” or “do you prefer a place that provides valet service?” The entire thing becomes like a natural conversation, as if you were talking to a real life person.

Last Words

With the endless applications of artificial intelligence, expect the AI boom to result in an easier, automated life in the years to come, rather than a full-blown robot apocalypse. For savvy investors, this is the time to identify companies and startups taking the lead in AI and invest for value and future growth.

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