Innovative Fintech Companies to Watch Out For in 2019

The past few years have been a harbinger for financial technology companies, stemming from revolutionary alt banks to the proliferation of cryptocurrencies. So much has taken place in the past year that is worthy of optimism.

2019 is slated to be even bigger, with more and more people moving over to the more personalized and innovative features offered by fintech. What is obvious is that a lot of services in banking and everyday commerce are undergoing a huge disruption.

With that, here are a few of the fintech companies making a wave this 2019 and beyond:


Tired with the high cost of currency exchange, revolutionary digital bank company Revolut seeks to solve this problem with a combination of easy to use mobile app with a flexible physical card.

The London-based startup allows you to easily withdraw your funds whenever you travel across over 140 different currencies at proper exchange rates minus the hefty fees of traditional currency exchanges.

With plans of expanding to Singapore, Japan and the rest of Asia in the coming years, Revolut plans to firmly establish itself as the world’s leading alternative to traditional banks.

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The “digital, mobile-only” challenger bank from the UK, Monzo is the perfect bank for people who value the convenience and ease of use of one click transactions, with the familiar features of a traditional bank.

The London-based firm eschews normal bank protocols such as branches and cheque books, squeezing all those features to a mobile app combined with a physical Monzo card.

In April 2017, they started offering current accounts after their UK banking restriction ban was lifted. Monzo now has over a million customers and 1 billion valuation – not bad for a 3-year-old company! With a host of awards including the UK Digital Experience Award, expect Monzo to continually disrupt the UK banking landscape and, eventually, the world.

Receipt Bank

Receipt Bank is a cloud bookkeeping and pre-accounting cloud software that takes over the tedious task of data and receipt entry. The service is very robust and offers more than just automation. Areas of impact range from data reports to integration as well as cloud-based accounting software.

Receipt Bank is well received by those in the industry, with solid growth over the past 6 years as a result of this. With a wide potential client base and easy to implement software, Receipt Bank looks to be in good stead for another year of growth.


Founded in 2015 by Ishaan Malhi, Trussle is currently taking over the mortgage market by storm. Trussle is a mortgage intermediary, a digital broker automating the process of getting quotes, which makes shopping around for your mortgage as easy as a few mouse clicks.

It eliminates the tedious, time-consuming and sometimes intimidating trip to the bank, or the expensive and unnecessary route of getting your own broker.

Trussle can generate mortgage quotes in as little as 3 minutes, 24/7, and if more advice is required, advisers are available to call. Advisers are armed with both experience and a sophisticated algorithm to match people with the appropriate lenders.

Last Words

Growth prospects are fantastic in the fintech sector. At present,service providers like Monzo are in talks with  financial services integration platforms such as Trussle to enhance cross-fucntionality..

It is this collaboration among fintech companies that will really revolutionize the entire financial landscape for the better. So, in the new year,these innovative tech companies provide an opportunity for investors to grow their portfolio value, and get reasonable returns.

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